Student Picture Make-Up Day

Picture Make-up Day is scheduled for Wednesday, October 20. Any student that was absent on Picture Day will get to take a picture that day.  The pictures taken on the original picture day should arrive by Monday, October 18. If they don't, you can view your student's picture online at .You'll need to enter your students name and student ID number.  If you decide you want a retake and you have completed an order, you will need to send back the original pictures (if they come in). If the original pictures are not here, you will need to fill out a new order form and write "RETAKE" on it. This form is to be sent with the student on Make-Up Picture Day. If a student didn't place an original order, but wants a retake, they will need to provide a new order form and include payment. This form and payment is to be brought with them on Make-Up Picture Day. Teachers will provide order forms to students.  Please call our office for any questions.