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Our Heritage School Library inventory has gone digital!  You can browse our library inventory and reserve books at this link:   Reserved books will be delivered to the student in class. 
Student log-in is their student email name, with no
The password is their full 8-digit birthday, mmddyyyy, no spaces or slashes. Students can change this on the "Status" page of the library site after they have logged in; they can send an "I forgot my password" to their student gmail account through the system or talk to the librarian to reset their password.
For questions, contact our librarian, Ms. Otte at [email protected] or call the office. 



The Heritage School staff encourages students to LEARN TO READ and READ TO LEARN.


Library Behavior: Appropriate behavior is expected at all times while students are in the library. Rulers should ONLY be used as book place savers. Library rulers are not toys! The computers are to be used for library research and Accelerated Reader testing. Students may print their homework using the library computers before or after school or during their lunch break. Inappropriate behavior or misuse of library resources will result in suspension of library privileges.

Library Checkout Policy: 

  •  Kindergarten, TK, and 1st Grade: 1 book  
  • 2nd grades: 1 AR book and 1 free choice book 
  • 3rd grade and up: 3 books 

Books are checked out for 2 weeks. A book may be renewed up to 6 times, unless another student has placed a hold on that particular title. Core literature class books, textbooks, and required research/homework books do not count in this total. All classes are scheduled for regular library visits. 

Overdue, Lost, or Damaged Books Policy: If a book is not returned or renewed before its due date, it is considered overdue. An overdue slip will be sent home with the student each week until the book is returned. If a book is missing or overdue for more than one month, it will be marked Lost and will have to be paid for or replaced by the same title. If a student damages a library book, including bite marks and water damage, there will be an additional fine up to $2.50; severely damaged books will have to be fully paid for or replaced by the same title. A fee of 10 cents per day, per book, will be charged beginning one week after the initial due date for middle school students. This late fee has a maximum of $1.00 per late book. Students will have their final report card withheld if they have outstanding fines greater than $5.00. This also applies to any previous library or textbooks debts, even from their previous school(s). All books must be returned and fees paid before transferring out of Heritage, or the debt will follow the student to the new school.

Book Fairs: The library holds book fairs each year to provide funding for the library. Volunteers are always needed and much appreciated for these events.