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The Heritage School opened in 1995 as a parent School of Choice, meaning we have unique curricula and policies that we believe make our school an excellent option for parents and students. Heritage was founded upon the basic principle that students will rise to our high expectations! We feel that a demanding curriculum, devoted teachers and staff, involved parents, and a strong discipline policy will provide students with the support they need to Soar to Academic Success! Our Advisory Board, comprised of teachers, parents, students, and the principal, is a decision-making body that guides the direction of the school, and we openly encourage parents to be involved in their child's education, through accountability at home, support of the teachers, and by actively participating in our parent organization, VIPA (Very Important Parent Association).

Heritage School is located in the eastern region of Phelan and serves students in grades pre-kindergarten through eight following a traditional calendar. Heritage School continues to achieve high student academic assessment scores as demonstrated on the last CAASPP assessments. Heritage School has held students and staff to the highest standards which has proven successful since 1995. School administration and teachers believe that students demonstrate success in many ways beyond academics, including respectful behavior, excellent work habits, and involvement in such extracurricular activities as service organizations, clubs, and organized sports. Heritage School's record of success speaks volumes, consistently ranking among the highest performing schools in the High Desert region and San Bernardino County.

The Heritage Partnership is what we are all about at our school of choice!

The Heritage Partnership is a symbol created by the staff and Advisory Board that represents the fundamental belief of our school community and is the reason we are so successful; we work together for our kids.

First of all, we speak often of the Tripod of Responsibility, resting equally with school, parents, and the student. If any of the three parts fails in its obligation, we all fail. The goal and assumed result of this team effort is Academic Excellence. It would be simple to stop there and admire what we can achieve. 

Heritage Eagles, however, are far more ambitious! Academic Excellence is a broad goal, and achievement of that goal will look different for every child. Academic Excellence is built upon Standards, both state and national academic standards, as well as the high standards we, the students, staff, and parents, set for ourselves. These high expectations develop strong Responsibility in students that will help prepare them for the rigor of high school, college, and beyond. Finally, being a Heritage student means that you have within you a solid Character, one that is demonstrated in your integrity, your honesty, your pride in your school, your country, and yourself!

When you ask what makes The Heritage School so uniquely successful, look in the mirror! You make it different. I make it different. Your child, with his or her personality and heart and desire, makes it different. We all contribute our unique talents and commitment to make this school one of a kind. We are partners in this effort, we are in this together. We all want to provide your child – EVERY CHILD – the very best education we can. That is …

The Heritage Partnership!