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Cross Country

Heritage Cross Country 2022
I am Coach Chris and would like to welcome you to join our 2022 fall Cross Country team!!
Cross Country is a team sport that will test your stamina and speed over a wide variety of
different courses, all measuring 2 miles.
Students will need to maintain:
- A 2.0 GPA and can’t have any F grades
- Fill out and Turn in an Athletic Clearance to ASB before joining for any in
person practice. You can pick these up in the office or download them from
The Heritage School Website. Please return these to the Heritage Office.
- $25 Participation Fee due in Cash to the ASB Office, Not The Front Office.

Official Practice will begin Thursday August 8th at 6:15AM on Heritage’s back Field
- Monday/Wed/Friday, Aug. 8-12, 6:15-7:30 AM
- Monday through Friday starting Aug. 15
- Saturday morning practice beginning in September
- Athletes must bring their own water bottles
- Running shoes are recommended (no Uggs or vans, you’ll thank me!)
- Weather is weird in the High Desert, please have them bring sweats everyday

Competing in this sport requires a balance between dedication to practice, eating a healthy diet,
keeping hydrated, and resting in order to allow muscle recovery. I look forward to seeing hard
work, persistence, courage, and determination each athlete can bring to the team.
Joining Cross Country is an excellent way to get in shape, join a competitive and
encouraging environment where becoming a better student and athlete are the ultimate goal.
Hope to see you all soon!

Please call/text/email with the student's name, grade
and contact number/email if you have any questions.
[email protected] or 760.490.2203