Improvements to our Student Pick up Coming Monday, Oct. 18!

October 15, 2021

Dear Heritage Families,

We hope that you are enjoying the Fall Break and taking advantage of the time to rest, restore, and re-energize!  It’s been a very different start of school this year, but even with all of the changes and challenges, it’s been so good to be on campus with our students, see their smiles, and hear their laughter! The purpose of this email is to address one of the challenges we’ve all faced this year, the afternoon student pick-up procedures. 

Thank you for all of the encouragement, support, and suggestions for improvements that we’ve heard from so many of our staff members and parents. While we were hoping we’d be given permission to open up a third exit on Wilson Ranch, unfortunately, we have to continue with two exits. But we remain hopeful that the changes described below will speed up the process and maintain safety for all. Please know that we have consulted with school police regarding safety and consideration for our neighbors as well. We have ordered new cones and signs to assist us which we hope will arrive soon.  Keep in mind that with any changes, there will be a slow-down initially and that as routine develops, it will speed up.  We are constantly monitoring the process and will continue to make changes and adjustments as needed to improve safety and efficiency.

*Kindergarten Pick-up will remain the same with no changes. Older siblings of PM Kindergarteners will continue to get picked up at “C” Gate.  

*Students that walk home will continue to do so unless parents call the office to change the arrangements. 

Front of School Pick-Up:

  • This lot will now be for all 1st through 3rd grade students and their older siblings. 
  • This front pick up will be BOTH a drive-up and walk-up process now.  The DRIVE-UP process remains the same in that you will wait in your car in line and pick up your child at the curb in front of the grass where staff will assist you and then you’ll exit the lot without getting out of your car.  Please continue to use your dashboard name placard.
  • Those who wish to WALK-UP to get their child(ren), will be allowed to park on either Wilson Ranch (anywhere except on the west side between the Heritage driveway and Aurora) or in the front parking lot (not the staff lot left of the library). 
  • If you park on Wilson Ranch, you must walk onto campus through the gateway by the Bus Barn and wait for your child(ren) in the marked area in front of the school gate.  When your child exits the gate, you may take them with you back through the fenced gateway by the Bus Barn to Wilson Ranch Rd.  
  • If you park in the front lot, please park in marked spaces only. You will then walk in the WEST CROSSWALK ONLY and wait for your child(ren) in the marked area in front of the school gate.  When your child exits the gate, you may take them with you back across the WEST crosswalk once a staff member has stopped the traffic for you.  
  • If you walk up after your child has exited the gate, they will be waiting on the grass area.  Please approach them from the back of the grass area and not in front where students are entering cars in the drive-up process. 
  • For both drive-through and walk-up, please exit the parking lot safely and as quickly as possible to allow for other cars to enter and pick up their children.  
  • For all cars entering the front lot whether to park or to drive through, please enter only on the right entry of the driveway, and keep the exit side clear for cars exiting. Be cautious and courteous of those trying to back out and exit the lot. Watch for pedestrians! 

Back of School Pick-Up:

  • This lot is now only for 4th-8th grade students with no younger 1st-3rd grade siblings. This change reduces the line significantly. 
  • Due to limited parking and neighborhood considerations, this will remain a drive-through process only.  Please continue to use your dashboard name placard. 
  • We will now be dismissing students through 3 gates instead of just the front two.  
  • Please stay in line and exit the drive when the cars in front of you have left.
  • We will continue to ask cars not to enter the lot from the south on Acanthus unless they live directly behind the school and will let them enter after we’ve filled up the lot with cars from the north.  This allows us to get cars off of Phelan Rd. as soon as possible.  
  • Please don’t block neighbors’ driveways.

Finally, just a reminder to adhere to the Snowline and Heritage values of respect and kindness.   No parent, student, staff member, or guest should experience hostile or disrespectful behavior from others, especially from members of our Heritage Family. While other schools have either buses or have a significant number of students that can walk home from their neighborhood school, we are the only school that has our kids leaving campus by individual cars only.  This is a unique challenge for us all, however, we are all in this together and together is the only way we will make it better!

With Sincere Gratitude,

The Heritage School